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The following attendance policy will be in place in my undergraduate and graduate courses until further notice.

Course that meets one time per week for 3 hrs per class *

For those courses that meet one time per week you may miss one class without penalty.

For every class missed after the first absence you will lose 3 points off your final grade.

Course that meets two times per week for 1.5 hrs. per class

For those courses that meet two times per week you may miss two classes without penalty.

For every class missed after the first two absences you will lose 1.5 points off your final grade. 1.5 counts as 2 pts. when averaging.

If you come late or leave early you will be marked absent for that class.
A student may receive 3 extra points on the final grade up to the grade of A for inviting a guest to the class. A+ is reserved for exceptional performance. This is totally the professor's decision.

All students will be required to give a presentation to the class. Those who are not ready when called upon by me will have one more chance and if not ready that time they will receive 3 points off their final grade.

The only exceptions for missing class are those that are designated by the University of New Haven.

* In summer courses each 3 hours counts as one time per week because the same number of classes is compressed into 6 weeks.

Audio Taping Lectures
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I have begun to audio tape all my lectures. I am doing this for several reasons. The tapes give me a record of what I have said in class. I can use these tapes to lend to any student that may have missed class or are especially interested in the subject. The tapes can be sent any where in the world. Tapes can be easily turned into books. Ideas are also retained and organized into chapters, articles, newspaper articles, and E-Newsletters. These tapes, when edited may have commercial value. Millions of people listen to tapes each day.

Audio tapes can be easily turned into books. Ideas are also retained and organized into chapters, articles, newspaper articles, and E-Newsletters. An audio tape of mine will be on my web site. If you write me or E-mail me I will send you a discussion I have had on Form, Force, and Power or some other subject I choose. This gift offer may end at anytime. Lists of my tapes and where they may be purchased will be on my web site.

It is easy to tape ourselves but they can be difficult for us to listen to.

Guest Presentation Outline
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There are individuals who cannot function without an outline. I have this outline made just for them. Any guest can do or say whatever he or she desires. I have encouraged students to ask the guest to comment on anything that I have said or suggested in class. The guest has not always agreed, but I have always let them disagree with kindness. This teaches the students that someone can disagree with them without their feeling that they are being attacked. I also make it clear that this is not true with many individuals in the world. Do not take on the technique of questioning the boss in any meetings. Learn to ask questions in a positive and non-threatening way. This can be in the form of a request for more information or clarification. You do not have to agree but be very careful when disagreeing. Enemies can be created for a lifetime in a moment of disagreement.

1. Discuss the general overview of your organization and your specific job. You can include background on yourself such as education, how you got your present position, etc.

2. What are your organization's goals and objectives?

3. What type of analysis is done by your organization? Discuss things like market share; market segmentation; target marketing and positioning; marketing mix (price, product, promotion, and place); how the marketing mix relates to past/present/future trends; competition; and whether this analysis is done on a local, regional, national, or international basis.

4. What techniques do you use to acquire data?

5. What design or plan do you develop based on that analysis?

6. What type of testing do you use to determine if the plan is appropriate?

7. What type of implementation strategies do you make use of?

8. What type of evaluation systems do you use?

9. Discuss marketing's relationship to the organizational leadership and other departments.

10. What type of knowledge, skills, and attitudes should students acquire to get a job in your field of work?

11. What opportunities are available now and in the future for students in your field.

How to Design a Distance Learning Book
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I have developed, designed, and sold many books that apply a consistent instructional design and distant learning model. I now call this model Form, Force, and Power.

Form (resources, information)

My coauthor and I had many resources that led me to believe that this project would be successful. One of my challenges was that the field of marketing was not interested in a book on international mediation. This was perceived as the domain of another field. Although the American Marketing Association had purchased five other books, they made a decision (probably correctly) that they would not have been as successful with this topic. I believed that I had no influence or connections in the field of international mediation to begin to find the correct outlet for the book.

Force (choices that we make)

The real reason was that I was unwilling to take the time to look for other resources. This quest would not be easy so I did nothing.

Timing and Distance (wrong time, wrong place)

Five years ago very few people were interested in distance learning. I began to write this book when I first began to teach marketing in Ireland. I just filed each assignment in the book under accomplishments and waited for timing and distance to change. They changed to right place, right time when I realized that had created a book that represented my instructional design and distance learning model. I owned the . None of this had anything to do with the quality of the book. I thought the book was great all the time, but timing and distance had now changed.

Inviting Guests to Class
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It is the students responsibility to:

1. Call and ask the guest to attend class. I will give you suggestions.

2. Coordinate guest times with class openings. Check with me.

3. Guest should plan to have from forty-five minutes to an hour. He or she may call me if necessary.

4. Get proper audiovisual equipment if the guest requires it. Make sure I can order as far in advance as possible. Remind me by telephone.

5. The guest should discuss his or her job, company, industry, future, and or experiences.

6. If the guest arrives early, the student should meet him or her in the hall and entertain him or her until class is ready. The guest may of course come into the class and sit with us.

7. The student introduces the guest to the teacher and gives the teacher the guest's card.

8. The student writes the guest's name, organization, address, phone number, and e-mail on the board. The student introduces guest to class with three positive things. We all clap and smile.

9. After the guest has finished speaking, the teacher will thank him or her. We will give the guest a note signed by class. Another student will be asked to give the thank you from the class. Three positive comments will be made about what we learned from the guest and all will applaud.

10. There will be a ten minute break for individual class members to talk to the guest. Everyone must thank the guest for coming to the class before the he or she leaves the class or building.
11. The student or students who introduced and thanked the guest will walk guest to their car. Tell guest how much we enjoyed his or her talk.

12. The student who invited the guest and any one else sends a thank you note within two days. Give a copy of the note or letter to the professor. I will also send a thank you note to the guest.

Letter to New Professors and Adjuncts
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Many new professors and adjuncts have a difficult time in adjusting to the institution. They often feel that they are alone and isolated. This nonlinear learning tool was prepared to help my adjuncts feel that they are welcome and give them some general information. This is also designed to suggest that I want them to be successful and that they can come to me for clarification.

If a student complains about an adjunct, I preface any conversation with the adjunct with the number of complaints that I have received about myself. I then take responsibility and ask the adjunct what could I do for future adjuncts to prevent this from occurring.

Try to give each adjunct a mail box, a desk for his or her materials, and a place to meet with students. I offer all of them my office as their own and ask the secretary to let them in anytime.

Dear Marketing Professor:

I am happy that you are teaching at the University of New Haven.
The students should refer to you as professor.

I will help you in any way I can to be successful. I have made thousands of mistakes as a teacher and I will help you through yours.

If you have any difficulty with anyone or any office at the University. Let me know first. I will help you.

If you have any difficulty with any student. Say nothing until you check with me. If you think a student has cheated, see me first.

Please help improve this syllabus, outline, midterm, and final instructional design.

If you cannot make it to class. Let me know and I will either go myself or find someone to fill in for you.

If you want to use my office, please ask and I will try to accommodate you.

Contact the department secretary with book orders.

Do not forget to fill out the employment forms. Ask the secretary.

The Dean's office determines salaries.

Do not come in late or leave early. Students will agree to this arrangement, but after the class ends, they will complain.

Take a break in the middle of long classes.

Turn in grades and other requests on time.

Do not copy copyrighted materials without permission.

Avoid multiple choice exams.

If you need exam books or a grade book. Ask me.

Enjoy the experience.

Turn in two copies of your syllabus and outlines to the secretary after the first class. Give a copy of your midterm and final assignments to me to put in the course files.

My Class Notes

Mk 515
Mar 14 05
We will stay longer for class to make up for lost time.

I will also be available for you on Wed and Thursday 4:30 to 7:00
In my office

Email me and tell you are coming xxxxx@yahoo.com

Diamond Trade
Buy up and control the production of diamonds
Pay poor people almost nothing
They do not follow safety standards
Informal cartel
Control the supply
Control the dealers
Control pricing the price that everyone has to pay.
Control the quality that you receive.
Control nation states
Political lobby and corruption
Start a war you can pay the soldiers in diamonds.
Want diamonds
Cheat on paper work
They make us think that they are linked to love and social status
They tell the woman what the price that her future husband should pay.
Investment in the future
Pass it down in the family
Everyone will look up to you
Many way to sell the same thing
Diamonds are forever
They special diamond for other occasions
Right hand diamonds
Television shows show diamonds to be very valuable.
Bad people
The companies lend the diamonds to actresses to wear and brag and goo goo over them.
They have armed guard to protect the diamonds
Pay them? They will do their job.
Paid for that
Stupid people rob jewelry stores.
What happens when you try to sell? No one will give anything for them because worthless.
2000 and sell it for 4000 Two hundred dollars or less.
Will say this diamond is not real fake and I will give you 10 dollars for it.
Bachelor show. The man goes to Harry Winstons and looks at diamonds. The man selects one and if the woman marries they do not have to give it back.
Every woman wants her man to do the same.
When Prince Charles gave Dianna a ring it was sapphire
Donald Trump bought a big diamond ring for his wife.
Every reporter and ever TV show talk about her diamond ring.
When they never shut up then the poor princes and princesses they want one also.
Russia Australia Canada come into the market it stayed the same. They want in on the theft.
Diamond can be smuggled easily any where.
Shut down competition using gov't.
Why is she still going?
She has no influence on the outcome.
She is not allowed access to the media
Advertising money from diamonds
We do not want to kill our golden goose
When do whistle blowers get on or into the media?

Market power

Block competition from targeted markets
Father to ask to Boy Watches
Competition drives down price
Learning is not the issue at all.
$150 for a book?
Universities have created a monopoly through their bookstores, cafeteria, soda machine, c store, laundry copying
Why are books so high in University bookstores
Why do universities force the use of textbooks in class Is it because they are great books?
Internet is challenging the University revenues and a reaction is to may sure that all professors follow a textbook.
Does not want to follow and force students to purchase textbook that are written to lowest common denominator
You are not teaching marketing because marketing is only what is in the textbooks
They do or they do not know.
Market power to make money.
Competition drives down price and this is the best way to live. Consumers needs are the issue.
Block competition from targeted markets
Pay for parking.
Little guy to hand you a towel
Campus copy private business.
Copy machines.
Fax machine
A Barber Shop
Self dry cleaning
Beauty salon
Buy a car through the University
35, OOO on the purchase of a house in New Haven
credit cards
Get discounts in stores.
TV s
Dell Computer
No restaurant
Car rental
Cell phone
Long distance calls
I do not know
I will try it on a limited basis
How do you know?
400 = 40 a week 36 x 40 1440
8 weeks 400 320

Mk 609
March 22 05

Go over articles on marketing with the class.

Secret of the day
Diamonds and monopoly
Marketing research
Direction (Goals - objectives)
Basics of marketing
Planning the research process
Research design
Data collection methods
Measurement instruments
Data Analysis
Communicating results

Big companies buy little companies
Out of R&D
Create the future. Because the future not stable. Destabilized the future
American companies no longer have to produce products in the USA. Go to markets that have cheep labor, infrastructure, no unions, go away, government subsidies, no pollution controls that equals profit.
Union movement in USA goodbye.
No price reduction. Some people are making a lot of money.
Tariffs and other barriers to entry.
Need and want of customer at a profit. A joke
Need are created and sold to customers
Pick the products that have the most profit for the company.
If the customer has greater demand they have pay more.
Blockbuster and late fees.
PLM Capture practices and procedures
Wellogix INC.
Social responsibility and marketing. Not too much.

Mk 300 first class
Winter 2005

Important but not taught in marketing.
Social skills and graces
Two books on business and etiquette sent around room.
Discussed the importance of social skills and language usage to work and marketing to different people.
What we think to be funny to others, may not be.

Marketing (7 General Areas)
4 ps or marketing mix

Price example
Product example
Promotion example
Place example
No difference between place and distribution

Segmentation census, example

Targeting 3 ways single, multiple, and mass examples

Positioning image in mind

Different areas in marketing that are applied to the above seven areas of marketing.
Nonprofit marketing
Hospital marketing
International marketing
Educational marketing
Retail marketing
Military marketing
Consumer marketing
Business to Business marketing
Legal marketing

Broadening the marketing concept
How the field grew to include more areas but same 7 kept as the foundation.

How we gather information in marketing
Marketing research
Consumer behavior (psychology)
Neuroscience and marketing (how the brain works. New not in the book

Next class

Go over the midterm

Go to internet and find something you want to learn about marketing
Copy first page
Bring into class
Put name on top
Cross off in my book

March 3 midterm will be a general question about marketing

Midterm also includes an evaluation of class. I will give to you.

Final paper exam day 8 to 10 am

25 terms meaning and example

Do not yet know how many terms I will give you to select from.
Marketing and teaching are the same in they attempt to direct thinking and learning.

Next Class

Connections technology and change creates New product development

James Burke Book
DVD on pbs
Connections in book
Loom and computer
Sent around room

Ideas overlap within and between companies
For example
human resources - public relations

Dentist in Australia
Idea of faster drill from the Navy.
Cooling with water. Can be used in dentistry.

Things that appear to not be connected may in some way be connected
I will teach you ways of seeing and linking ideas in marketing
The same or different?
Missionary and dentistry

Filling a tooth and hole in a sidewalk
Dig out
Cut hole to keep material in
Tamp into hole
Smooth over

Problem in new ideas in marketing
Difficult to get things done in marketing
Functional areas have domain and power

Example of the no trespassing signs at the door of the business school
Who is responsible? Is it a marketing issue or a security issue or a buildings issue

New Product Ideas also from fringe

Looks to those that are on the fringe as future trend setters.

Clothing, games, language purchasing trends for different uses.

Baseball hats around

Those on the fringe have to change to remain independent. What they did to separate themselves has now become main stream

New trends
Once a new ideal in marketing hits the news it is too late.


Take a look

Feb 28 05

Mar 16th
After we get through 7 things.

The Internet has created new forms of marketing.
Select price, product, promotion, place, segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

Select one example from each of the 7 that is different because of the Internet.

Number each one

Brief introduction and a brief conclusion

Identify areas
Understand the concept
Tell me what you found and give an example of a www.

50 terms and I am going to select 25 for the final.

Due exam day

Meaning and an example of the term.

1 Advertising
2 Applied research
3 Bate pricing
4 Brand name and marketing
5 Buyer a
6 Dumping and marketing
7 Cold calling
8 Data base marketing
9 demographic segmentation
10 Factory outlet
11 Exporting and marketing
12 Four ps
13 Focus group and marketing
14 Concentrated targeting strategy
15 Franchise and marketing
16 Channel member and marketing
17 Consumer behavior and marketing
18 New product development
19 Coupons
20 Customer satisfaction
21 Test marketing
22 Culture and marketing
23 Corporate social responsibility and MKT
24 Price fixing and marketing
25 Monopoly and marketing

New product development
A Phase
Create product that is a major change in technology
B Phase
Little changes and can be represented as big changes.

B Phase with very little effort and cost and people
will pay more.

MK 609 Winter 2005
2 22/05


Evaluation of the evaluation in marketing
Evaluation of the evaluator in marketing
Setting the standard in marketing
Setting one standard and following another.
Editing is a form of censorship
Setting a standard for others
Controlling what is heard and not heard
Seen and unseen.
Controlling emotion in marketing
To information
Alternative understanding

Philosophical differences in marketing
Religious-some outside authority
Morals ethics


Marketing and Form, Force, and Power


6 + or - 3

Timing and distance

Mk 609
Feb 15 05

Everything done now in marketing is at risk because of the internet.

Threat to power

Power tried to gains control over that thing
Failure to gain control is loss of power
Howard Dean is now head of the democratic party
Because he was able to use the Internet to get money and power
Dean screaming we will go on and win.
Why not?
Because they did not want Dean to be president.

Democratic party
Big business
Big government
Big labor
The rich

Appealing the young
Got money through the internet
Groups that are in power attained power in one way
Dean went around this system and got power.
Now the democrats dont think they have a chance to regain power
Rather that than have dean be president they now are using his skill to elect democratic candidates elected.
Business sees what Dean did and how he put power at risk the Internet
Very worried that competitors can use the Internet and challenge their position
Potential for shift in power because of the use of technology available to the common people.
How to move these things under the control of power
Control the flow of information
Every month or two they change how you get to top of list

Respond to the changes to benefit
Own the search engines
Microsoft is trying to start a new search engine.
Software controls the information
Internet web page
User friendly
Use e-mail more effectively

Facilitating make it easy
Telephone number
Better use color, font, movement links work
Return to our web page
Give aways
Cookies for events
International News events
National news
Sports in general
Weather NE
Venders from china
Travel Vegas
People who graduated from unh
Comparison shopping
Home improvement
High tech equip and price
News from country
Job search
Night life in an area
Student org
National news
Games with others
Music links
Entertainment news
Pay bill
Shop direct
No middle person
Poetry page
Chat rooms

What happened
Cannot be done

Give it to UNH
No that is for the English dept.
Visitors to UNH

Suggested that I would tape and put Unh events on Cable
I dont think that will help enrolments
Discussions on different topics in marketing cable access
Why would reject the ideal of putting events on both the UNH web site and cable.


It is not part of their conceptual framework.

No one really want to change. Because change can represent a loss power or a change in power.

Good or bad
Doing a video a week would count toward accomplishment

You are a marketing professor and this is not marketing.

Market professors cannot do marketing of their institution in any area but the classroom and writing
Because other people do marketing for the institution.
Then the people in marketing the institution would be threatened and have to develop different skill set.
The institution has a person to make videos for UNH.
We teach how to make film and edit dvds and video to students.
The students make the videos that they choose
100 dollars to go to an even and video and edit this event.
Then decide to put on cable or web.
Two events a week at UNH.
3000 an even

Better use color, font, movement links work
Return to our web page
Give aways
Cookies for events
International News events
National news
Sports in general
Weather NE
Venders from china
Travel Vegas
People who graduated from unh
Comparison shopping
Home improvement
High tech equip and price
News from country
Job search
Night life in an area
Student org
National news
Games with others
Music links
Entertainment news
Pay bill
Shop direct
No middle person
Poetry page
Chat rooms

Mk 515

Feb 14 05

Believe that the trouble was religion, ethnic groups, and language.

Enlightenment in Europe


That everything that had been learned and thought of should be challenged. Nothing that was understood as truth before this was accurate and everything must pass the text of science and math.

Religious derived ideas out

World War II the USA thought that Germans were going to win.
Tank battle in Russia that the Russians won.
Stalin told the West the Russia would take it all.
To save Europe from Russia.
Americans faced the Germans and could have lost.
I thought that Americans won WWII.
Went to Russia in 1996.
Russia not in the war with Japan.
Wanted to surrender to the Americans. Went to Russians to discuss surrender.
The Russians never told the Americans the Japanese were interested in surrender.
War ended in Europe that Russia would enter and share in the spoils.
Number of days came up and on the day after the 1 st H bomb 2nd 3 days later
Japanese to the USA.
We said that we would occupy Japan peacefully and the emperor could stay
Russians and American in Europe went different ways.
Americans believed that we won.
We won the war. God was on our side.

Scientific Production = success
We were afraid of the Russians.
How can we keep our industrial capacity on a war footing and build a consumer society.
Industrial capacity could easily be lost. War
Military made a decision to sustain industrial capacity and direct industrial capacity.
Defend our self from the Russians.

4 ideas on how sustain and direct USA industrial capacity.
Group of businesses that would be called and appear to be free market but they would be totally dominated by the military.
How important is marketing for these companies.
Totally unimportant.
Do something called marketing.

State Schools

Old military technology.

Half and half.
Consumers markets and the military.
When the consumers end of the business got into trouble the military would keep them going by rising the amount of money for the contracts.

How important is marketing for these companies. Whatever % of consumer market

Yale private
1/4 of there is derived for government funding sources.
60% of findings go to Yale.

60 minutes and expose the waist in the companies for the military. Nothing would happen.

Why, afraid of Russia.
Minimum amount of military assistance. Gave money politicians then they would receive government benefits. The companies gave money to anybody in power to assist them.
How important is marketing for these companies.
No help from the military of politicians.

How important is marketing for these companies.
Very much.

UNH private
500 dollars a year

Western Marketing model
Form and Content

price form
product form
promotion form
place form

segmentation form
targeting form
positioning form


health care marketing content
international marketing content
education marketing content
service marketing content
consumer marketing content
religious marketing content
political marketing content
sports marketing content
financial marketing content



Feb 9 05 mk 300

How much you buy effects the price you pay
Rain check
Loss leader

Form and content

Scientific Method

American Marketing has a form

7 things
Objective truth



Form has one form only
Form cannot be changed
Create a new form

Why would people want to keep the form from changing
People that are using it have prospered from that form.

Limbic brain and marketing
Fight or flight

Objective truth
Scientific method
Cause and effect

Subjective truth
higher truth or first cause

Marketing applies both objective and subjective truth

Subjective truth

Irish were considered less valuable that the slaves
Not human and monkeys

Celtic and conquered Roman


General Model
Scientific model

Who, what, when, where, why, how much, how many

What it is you want to do?
Goals and objectives


Gathering information
Dividing things into parts

Design a plan of action

Test on a limited basis

Do it

What happen

Form and content that is put into the form

Birth occur at conception
Birth baptism
Young Communion
Adult membership confirmation from child to adult
Adult in community Married
Holy orders
Go to heaven or hell

All resources are derived from form and content
Change the form or the content and change
Any change eliminates those who have received the rewards of that form and content.

Business is love


Business is war

Business is game
Money is just a way to keep score

Business is an adventure
We learn something new everyday

Business is evil

Business is power

Marketing is war

The business of America is business.

Marketing is deception

Marketing is a religion
Marketing is science
Business is a science
Marketing is a philosophy
Marketing is a way of life
Marketing is a life style

Is there something else that is missing?

Form and content

Objective truth

Subjective truth
Art music
Higher truth God
First cause God

Form and content


The way the church looked and was built reflects God on earth

Reaching up to heaven


Geographic pricing

Most try to sell at the highest possible price

Pretend that you are getting a low price and you are

If you can get a better price go there.


Not sent in. Rebate so difficult that you cannot win.


Price matching

Internet is now hurting retail outlets.

International Internet


Price War
Very dangerous for the business with less money.
Elvis lives at UNH
Full time student
Car higher, grades, found love, feel better

I saw Elvis at UNH

Government supported price.
Direct and indirect

How much to charge?

If I have a lot of business I raise my prices
If I do not have a lot of business I lower my prices

Quality and price
Concept of quality is a joke.
Quality against a standard.

Lesson 3 Part A
David Morris, Ph.D.

Now we are going to think of the marketing resources as part of the five resources. 5Rs

Again resources are conceptualized into groups of 6+ or -3 resources.

I have identified eight general resources in marketing that fits into 6+ or -3.




Place or Distribution





Price: General Knowledge of Price. (When I use the word context I am referring to following a unifying story)

All definitions of price are contextual.

Context is created by a unifying story.

Context determines the price.

Buyers within a context determine the price.

Sellers within a context determine the price.

The contextual belief that when a price is less the more that will be sold.

It is contextual when price has the appearance of being unchanging.

Context determines the willingness or unwillingness of followers to change price.

Currency valuations are determined in relationship to contextual changes in stories.

Products that have a low value in the context of one story can be sold into a story where the product has higher contextual value.

Price: Specific Knowledge of Price
Each applies 6+ or -3

I have identified five general resources in price that fits into 6+ or -3.

Market Power

Retail: Specific Knowledge
Each applies 6+ or -3
I have identified five general resources in price that fits into 6+ or -3.

Wholesale: Specific Knowledge
Each applies 6+ or -3
I have identified five general resources in price that fits into 6+ or -3.

Discounts: Specific Knowledge
Each applies 6+ or -3
I have identified three general resources in price that fits into 6+ or -3.

Point of purchase
Skimming: Specific Knowledge
Each applies 6+ or -3
I have identified three general resources in skimming price that fits into 6+ or -3.

Start with high price.
As markets at the current price dry up the price is brought down.

When the price reaches its lowest price replace the product with a different version and again start with a high price.

Market Power: Specific Knowledge
Each applies 6+ or -3
I have identified five general resources in market power price that fits into 6+ or -3.

Story created market power.
Government created market power.
Military created market power.
Religious created market power.
Outside the law market power.

Geographic: Specific Knowledge
Each applies 6+ or -3

I have identified two general resources in geographic price that fits into 6+ or -3. *I know it is less than 3 but that is ok. Because 6+ or -3 is just a way to structure information. The headings Human and Physical geography can return to the 6+ or -3.

Human geographic
Physical geographic

Lesson 2

David Morris, Ph.D.
November 6, 2005

A company can be conceptualized as having five resources. 5Rs

I have selected five rather that another number simply as a way to identify general areas.

The problem with any division of a whole in business is that resources are fluid and ever changing.

The human drive toward corporate stability is counterbalanced by the ever changing circumstances of life.

When a divided resource becomes guarded and fixed within a particular area of an organization its effectiveness is diminished and can become useless.

The concept of dividing labor is believed to come from Adam Smiths 1776, Wealth of Nations. This book was said to be an explanation for the economic success of England.

Division of labor is a far earlier concept that was developed as a military strategy. The Roman Army had great success with this model thousands of years earlier.

The military has showed this as a fixed concept to be very flawed innumerable times.

The Five Resources 6+ or -3

Marketing Resources 6+ or -3

Human Resources 6+ or -3

Physical Resources 6+ or -3

Intangible Resources 6+ or -3

Financial Resources 6+ or -3

Each resource is made up of with 6+ or -3 components.

Student Outreach
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I believe that everyone in the world is both my student and my teacher. I will help any student in the world who asks me. I often tell them not to mention this assistance to their current teachers. This is because most professors want complete control over their learning environment. I always reinforce the idea the their professor (s) are the final authority and I am just there to try to help them.

I have the same understanding with current students within my own institution. Some students e-mail me with one question and some keep in contact for years. As teachers we all have an obligation to help those who wish to learn and not to learn. The only payment that I ask is that they help others, when it is their turn.

Thanking Guest
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This is an important lesson for all students within the class. The person who invites the guest must introduce the guest to the teacher and then the class. The student must tell the class three positive things about the guest. Another student will be selected to thank the guest and name three positive things that he or she learned.

We have already sent a card around the class that we all have signed and returned to the designated thank you student. This student must also say three positive things about what he or she learned. The class takes a break and the presenter and the thank-you persons will walk the guest to his or her car. Every student in the class must say thank you to the guest before he or she leaves. If the card is sent around while the guest is speaking, the professor will inform the guest so that the guest does not feel that something negative is going on in the class.

Welcome Thank You Guests
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The student makes all the arrangements with their guest. The student may wait at the side of building to assure that the guest easily finds our classroom. Before the guest arrives Dr. Morris selects a student to say three positive things to the guest when the guest is finished. All the class knows who this person is to be.
When the guest arrives Dr. Morris will welcome the guest to the classroom. If Dr. Morris requires a few more minutes he will ask the guest if he or she would like to join the class for these few minutes. When Dr. Morris is finished the student moves with the guest to the front of the room and introduces Dr. Morris and gives him the guest's business card.

The student that has invited the guest has prepared an introduction for their guest. The student stands in front of the room looking at the guest and smiling. This student gives the class three positive things about the guest. These three positive statements should be at least one-sentence each. The student then begins to clap for the guest followed by everyone in the class.

The student sits. Dr. Morris will explain to the guest that if he or she sees student's writing that this is a present for the guest. Dr. Morris begins sending around the thank you note to be signed by everyone in the room. If you miss the signing, just go up after and ask to sign the note.

The thank you note is returned to the designated thank you student. When the guest is finished, Dr. Morris will tell the guest that we have a present for him or her. The thank you person gets up and walks up to the guest and looks at him or her with a smile. The student then outlines three positive things that the guest has talked about to the class.

The student hands the guest the thank you note and shakes their hand. Everyone claps again. Dr. Morris will stand and tell everyone to take a break. Each student should thank the guest before they leave the room. The introduction and thank you person walks the guest to their car and thanks them again. Anyone who wishes to go with them is welcome.

The next day the introducer, Dr. Morris, and anyone else who desires sends the guest a short thank you note.


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Professor's Name
Course Title
Course Dates
Days of Week and Times
Location of Professors Office
Office Hours Day and Times
Prefer e-mail communications.
E-mail Address
Fax Number
Cell Phone Number
Office number
Secretary Number and Address

Course Description from Catalog

Course Numbers


Course Credit Hours

Learning Objective (s)
The student will acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSA) to dramatically improve understanding and practice of xxxxx.

Assigned Text (Include ISBN) Last Name of Author, First Name of Author. Year, edition, Title of Text, Publisher, Publisher Location.

Assigned Website


Different editions of text that are allowed (My own view is to force a current edition on students is immoral in most cases) (Choose one or the other) You can save money if you like by using the 7th edition. Earlier editions ok.

(Be Very Specific)

pts Midterm

pts Final Paper
Due at the University exam time

(Extra points)

+3pts added to final grade up to the grade of A" for bringing in an outside guest speaker or reading another assigned book.

-3pts subtracted from final grade for nonparticipation in class and coming in late or leaving early without Professor's permission.

Attendance policy on a separate handout.

Do your own work.
I follow the University plagiarism guidelines.
It is not necessary to do someone else's work.

Use the UNH library. Reference librarians are great.
Use the Web.

Professor may change order and add to the syllabus.
If you have any questions ask.
Happy to also respond to e-mail questions any time.
Before or after class and office hours.

Do not do your written assignments in pen or pencil. Automatic D in course. Business practice requires you to type your assignments. Use University computers if you desire.

Please read on your own.
Marketing pros and cons outside of class in your life please bring to our attention. Make a list of questions each time you identify something.
Email me and then ask in class.

I will e-mail materials to you that I find.

My approach to education is to switch from the micro to macro drawing examples and stories from current practice within and outside of the USA.

My interest is in you learning to look things up that you are unsure of or wish to learn more about.
I am happy to learn from you as long as it is done in a professional way.

I also believe that marketing textbooks tell only part of the marketing story. The textbook has value but must be understood as only part of the course.

I do not know everything and we will learn together.

We will build on the textbook.
I am both a learner and a teacher and you can do the same.

I follow the military systems ISD model of ADDIE in the design of instruction by separating content, process, and outcome.

I want to give you an education in marketing reserved for the social elite at the top business schools. Content changes while process and outcome remain constant.

This is cutting edge marketing educational practice. Once understood marketing possibilities open.


1.Introduction to course
Understanding the marketing concept as a philosophy
Exchange and marketing management philosophy
Monolinear, Ploylinear, and Nonlinear approaches

2. Strategic Planning
Environment and ethics
Planning DADDIE
Marketing plans
Competitive issues
Direction of firm and marketing

3. Social Responsibility
Particular targeted groups
Micro and Macro

4. Globalization
Multinational organizations
Political environment
Decision making DADDIE

5. Consumer Behavior
Decision making DADDIE
Buying and selling
Social Status
Psychology, philosophy, theory

6. Business Marketing
Industrial classification

7. Segmentation Targeting
Benefits and usage segmentation
Multi segmentation

8. Decision Support

9. Product
Lines, mix
Limited warranties

10. New Product Development
Life cycle
Line extensions

11. Service and Nonprofit Marketing
Definitions and Terms
7 things

12. Channel Supply Chain
Terms and Definitions
Different points of view

13. Retail
Definitions and terms
Types of retail operations

14. Communications

15. Advertising, PR, and IW
Differences and overlap
Cost and return
What can and cannot be done

16. Sales Promotion and Personal Selling
Definitions and terms
Management of sales force

17. Price
Terms and definitions
Objectives of price
Types of demand
Cost reduction
Impact on USA

18. Price strategy and philosophy

19. Internet

20. Relations with customers

Anyone who has a special interest may request a different assignment from Dr. Morris. I want this to be your most exciting class in your entire education. You must do your part to help your fellow students and me.

Midterm exam to be announced. Final Exam is on the UNH exam day and time. There will be a regular class on the last day of classes.

Extra credit is available. Ask me.

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Dr. David Morris
Marketing MK 300 Day
Principles of Marketing
Fall 2006
Tues & Thursday 1:00-2:20 Day Class
Office Hours Tuesday 2:30 to 4:30 Thursday 2:30 to
203-932-7348 Cell phone 203-530-0112
and emaildavidmorris@gmail.com
Fax 203-932-6076 Email me that you sent me a fax.

Secretary: Communication Department Maxcy Hall, Hunt @newhaven.edu

Assigned Text and Website

(Choose one or the other) I am not a supporter of expensive marketing textbooks that overlap content to such a degree. You can be if you choose.

Earlier Editions OK

Lamb, Hair, McDaniel 2004, 7th edition, Marketing, South-Western, USA
Lamb, Hair, McDaniel 2006, 8th edition, Marketing, South-Western, USA

Reading the textbook is your responsibility. Please keep up with the
reading. I will ask you questions from the book. After three unanswered or incorrect answers -3. E-mail me questions or ask in class.


8/31/ 9/5 Introduction to course

9/7 9/12 Chapter 1, 2 Lamb

9/14 9/19 Chapter 4 Lamb

9/21 9/26 Chapter 6 Lamb

9/28 10/3 Chapter 7, 8 Lamb

10/5 10/10 Chapter 10 Lamb (Midterm in Class)

10/12 10/17 Chapter 12 Lamb

10/19 10/24 Chapter 14 Lamb

10/26 10/31 Chapter 15, 16 Lamb

11/2 11/7 Chapter 17 Lamb

11/9 11/14 Chapter 18 Lamb

11/16 11/21 Chapter 19 Lamb

11/28 11/30 Class Notes

12/5 12/7 Class Notes and review

Check for Final Exam time in UNH exam period to turn in your work

Attendance policy on separate page Alternative assignments are possible Let's help make this a great class.

Send me everything on e-mail. Make sure your name and class is on each e-mail.



Content IV

All contacts with students should be emailed to me. Even as a follow up to a meeting. This gives you a written record as a professor when questioned. Many student's today will question the actions, testing, and grading of their professors. The syllabus and outline are a legal agreement with students that can be challenged in a court of law. If it is not on the syllabus or outline you will not be able to justify your actions. Any changes that may occur should be emailed to all students.

Institutions are also responsible for what is on your syllabus and outline. This is a big change that causes them to justify anything they do.

1996 - 2008

The hidden curriculum only supports power. DM