Assignments Do Not Have to Be Difficult. Have Many Assignments and Make Them Easily Attainable. More Students Will Participate and Learn.

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Books Real Life Learning.

Card For a Student

Do Not Know or Understand.
Events at University.

Final Paper Real Life Learning

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Midterm Assessment.

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These are creative things I do in the classroom to try to make instruction more interesting. I realize that everyone is not interested in everything. But I suggest a bit of knowledge is better that none.

Accomplishments of Professors and UNH Real Life Learning
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No matter what I may or may not think I believe that it helps students to know that others at UNH are accomplishing and publishing. I have done this for the 2 professors in marketing and IB that I am aware of that have written books. Many others also.

Any accomplishment of a professor in our department or within the University I will inform my students. To talk about Henry Lee to marketing students is marketing the university. When I do this I tell students what I am doing is subtle marketing.

Any accomplishment of any professor I mention and discuss for a few minutes. I also relate this knowledge to the marketing of an institution. I am always surprised how little we know about our school.

Articles From Internet Midterm: Real Life Learning

Enclosed is a sample of the 9 articles to be selected by students. I get so many of these that I use the paper in my printer. I discuss waste and its impact on marketing. Much is being done in this area of marketing in the entire world. I also collect these articles from the students so I do not get them back in another class.

Following Real Life Learning almost any article a student brings in is not judged. The exception is if the students example is in bad taste. I will always say that it would be better in the future not to repeat this type of example and this is something that I cannot participate in. Social skills and manners are important to a persons success in marketing.

Enclosed is additional student feedback on the midterm. I asked the students in the last class to write down their perception of the effectiveness of the midterm (10 things and 9 Internet) as a marketing assessment and learning tool.

Books: Real Life Learning

Several students looked up more information on the web of books I sent around the room. Perhaps they will look again in the future. I send any book that I am interested around for them to look at. I give a few minute introduction to each book.

Student may read one of my two books that are available to them for free. A student can have the unique educational experience of reading and discussing a marketing book with the author.

Card for a Student
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Birthday. Birth of a child. I give a student the money to buy a card from the bookstore. We all sign the card and give it to the person. Sometimes we sing happy birthday. I pay for the cards.

Do Not Know or Understand Real Life Learning

I apply many strategies to encourage students to have the capability to say that they do not understand. Many students told me that they thought they knew one thing and were surprised to find when they asked it was something else. This is one of the most difficult outcomes to accomplish as a professor.

If a student does not know or understand I encourage them to ask. I often go around the room and ask each student to explain back to me what we are currently discussing. I will ask several students to explain in their own words.

Events at the University: Real Life Learning

If an event is happening at the same time as class that the students or myself believe will contribute to their marketing education we go. I ask the students first about an event and if they do not want to go they do not have to. I will stay with a small number of them and tutor them in any area of marketing they choose. So far no one has ever chosen to stay.

If an event is happening at other times students are encouraged to share this with the other students in the class.

Many classes attend University events as a class. I explain the rational. If too few students attend we all look bad. They can see that there are outside events worth attending.

Final Paper: Real Life Learning
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This assignment encourages all students to learn and succeed in marketing by simply choosing to do the work. This is true in life. From a Real Life Learning position each student can discuss all 25 terms in the textbook relating it to their own particular experiences. This learning strategy opens greater understanding of the role and impact of marketing. Once identified the transferred from self to other is much clearer.
For those who have succeeded in a much more traditional and restrictive environment where the ideas of self are rejected and feared I do not lower their grade at all. If they are not capable of connecting marketing to their own experiences I believe that I have still helped them learn marketing. My students have had the experience and who knows when or if it will be understood. It should be easier from the position of having had an experience.

General Application to Marketing of Assignments on Real Life Learning

Consumers have much more freedom of choice than students. The consumers freedom of choice and decision making is much more individualized and personal than those profess the continued to adhere to outdated forms of marketing practice and education. This has already occurred with the collapse of mass marketing advertising and the shift of major industries totally new areas within and outside marketing.

In a major PBS Special this month that is also available for free on the Internet the collapse of advertising is predicted within the next five years. We are experiences this change first hand in private education because current product we are marketing in higher education is still a commodity. Differentiation for most of our competition is not in what is learned or not learned but in the cost and attainment of social status.

Give a Book to Library Real Life Learning
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I always discuss giving as a form of story status. I discuss all the books I have given to the library and the impact. I send a book around the class for all to sign and we put in library. This gives students a form of belonging to the University and marketing class. One year we gave a framed poster to the library that we all signed.

If I have a book I want to give to the library that semester. In many classes we all sign the book and give it to the library.

Guest: Real Life Learning

It is very unusual when a class does not invite in guests. Guests have been a successful assignment for many individual and classes. Occasionally I suggest a guest if a student has fears.

Each student may select and bring a guest of their choice for one hour to class that has direct or indirect experience in marketing. If guest will not come student still gets the 3 points. Learning advantages of assignment: social skills, networking, job advancement and, a job or intern searching strategy.

I have encouraged students to invite in guests since 1986. This single action has given me exposures to marketing practices that are unattainable to those who cannot share with others in their classrooms. I have been willing to openly discuss my ideas that were presented in class and encourage all guests to share with the class and myself if what was presented by me is actually valued in marketing practice. Hank Yaggi was a marketing guest before he came to work at UNH.

This class did not invite anyone as a guest. I have some classes that invite several guests and see this as a valued resource. It is more difficult to get undergrads to invite a guest than grad students. Even if no one comes to their class they have learned that this is available.

Look it Up Now: Real Life Learning

If a student has a disagreement about something said about any marketing topic. I often ask students to go to the library and find out at that moment.

With the addition of the smart classroom I ask different students to look up something at that moment and share the findings with the class.

Many students were asked or volunteered to look topics up during class and on the break on the Internet. I also would look topics up on the break.

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Many outside of the class may see the midterm as an activity that has little return. The best form of marketing (I call this invisible marketing) is to create an activity that is not seen as marketing. This then can have an impact. Any marketing or learning experience seen as a manipulation, challenging, and forced is rejected. "I forgot everything after the exam."

Midterm Analysis 10 to Fifty Things Midterm 15 Pts

This assignment has many learner and professor outcomes. They are all shared with the student in an open discussion.

1. The selection of topics that the student deems to be important.

2. Students are encouraged to ask for clarification and the marketing term at the exact moment that it is discussed.

3. The identification and recognition by me openly that if I am not correct and they find evidence I will change my thinking.

4. Students may identify topics or emphasis that may be far different than the professors wish or intent.

5. I get an improved understanding of thinking patterns and emphasis of each student after looking at their selections.

6. The student can identify and present everything as negative and demeaning to and about the professor but not to their classmates. I try to them help them find the positive. Very few have taken this path.

7. The student selects a marketing term related to each identified topic.

8. The professor asks student on several occasions to present one or two topics of their interest to class. Mistakes can be corrected in a friendly, happy, and nonjudgmental environment.

9. In the last class all responses of students are tallied and put on the board by marketing category. Any categories determined by the student not on list is added.

10 All students are told it is not necessary to copy any assignment from others. If they miss class leave the 10 things blank.

Midterm Assessment

The following numbers reflect the number of times that all students identified a marketing topic divided by the number of students participating in the last class. I help any student who asks me to identify a category. I usually give several possibilities and ask the student to select the one that thought best.

This final assessment is both fun and bewildering for students when they identify how many of their responses were outside of those of classmates. Categories were written on the board.

27 students responded with from 50 to 100 entries. Each number below represents 27 divided by the number of accumulated entries for all students. These are student selected topics nothing to do with time spent on a topic by professor or teacher preference.
16.3 Culture and marketing
7.4 promotion
7.4 targeting
6.29 public relations
5.8 philosophy or worldview
5.5 Product
4.76 marketing research
3.88 segmentation
3.4 law
2.24 quality
2.0 positioning
1.6 crime and marketing
1.6 consumer behavior
1.6 jokes
1.5 place
1.23 proverbs as slogan
.5 symbolism or symbol
.5 structure of industry
.47 stages of life
.4 propaganda
.18 international marketing
.12 not for profit
.12 government funding
.12 nitch
7 entries out of 950 I had no way to connect to the class

Following a Real Life Learning approach to marketing almost any entry a student puts down is not judged. I try to influence the student in a positive way to not waste their life on the frivolous. The power of this argument in a Real Life Learning marketing class is that the student can continue to not perform and therefore they must choose for them self rather than external motivation to improve.

The second major marketing insight is that people that have the exact same experience select different thing to remember. They have the same experiences but have represented them in far different ways.

One Thing Real Life Learning
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At the end of class if we have extra time I ask each student to share one thing they learned that class. I start in the front or back. If the student can not think of one thing I no problem and move on. It is supposed to be fun. I can also clarify for the student at that time.

Radio and TV Real Life Learning

Over the years several have gone on the radio.

I video tapped several lectures and discussed the marketing possibilities under the concept of new product development, innovation, marketing the University to students, and the application of my multiple approach strategy to marketing.

I also discussed the personal pain in seeing youre self on video. I discuss the ease supported by many accounts of the manipulation of ideas in marketing through editing and other techniques. The actual recreation of men and women in advertising and marketing to sell and the negative impact this is having on real people in society. I also share the number of mistakes I had made in almost every video and the pain I had in learning. The companies who sold these products disregard for teaching me how to use their products and the impact this has on sales and returns. We discuss through this example the identification of a marketing strategy of selling a single product many times by dividing it into parts.

One of the keys of Real Life Learning education is for the professor and students to be open to share mistakes and doubts that are encountered in marketing. Most people present any marketing activity as simple, mistake free, and without any opposition. This is not life and we do students harm when not sharing the truth of what is actually involved in any marketing experience.

I believe that it is in the best interest of the University and our students to praise the accomplishments of others. I began in 1991 inviting the people at the University of New Haven on my radio show so that we could shine. I believed that this marketing contribution consumes hundreds of hours of time and energy each year. I also do not believe that I asked to ever be reimbursed for the expenses that I have incurred. I believe it has been over 1300 tapes and now DVD-Rs and expensive VHS tapes to put the radio show on cable television. I do this to contribute to the marketing of the University and use the experiences in class as an example of particular and individual marketing efforts.

All students are informed that if they would like the experience of going on my radio show at anytime they just need to ask.

Real Life Learning

I believe that the Real Life Learning marketing approach puts great stress on monolinear professors and students. The monolinear professor and students assume perfect communication, perfect understanding, and perfect coordination of emphasis and point of view.

Those who are perceived to not have reached their professors monolinear position have been punished with lower grades, ridicule, mockery, and attainment of less social status in the educational environment.

A student that has succeeded in a monolinear environment would have difficulty believing that they would really have any choices in the assignments. They may often think this is just a method to really find fault and punish them with a lower grade. I have found hundreds of times after reflection and actually not being punished for their personal decisions that students tell me the experience was without equal.

If I have something that would just be of particular interest to a few students or that I have just discussed I send it around the classroom.

Real Life Learning Assignments
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All assignment should be constructed so that each student can achieve an A in the course.
The professors role in marketing is to assure that a student learns and performs to mastery.
Assignments should encourage and support multiple outcomes for the student and professor.

Assignments should identify and compare marketing textual understanding and current practice to alleviate student fears that the text represents an accurate assessment of current corporate practice.

Assignment should be linked to real life learning for each student that within different contextual frameworks and understandings of marketing.

Real Life Learning Grading

Grading is to a standard that is given in detail. A standard is defined differently in a real life learning environment. The standard includes individual student directed accomplishment.

If the student has not performed because of a misinterpretation of the assignment the student is given another chance to redo the assignment with no reduction of grade. Failure should not be linked to misinterpretation of an assignment.

If the student copies the assignment from another source they are given another chance to do the assignment with a loss of one letter grade. Failure should not be linked to copying an assignment. The teachers role is to help them learn in spite of barriers that students may erect.

If a student does not turn in assignment they receive an incomplete and are encouraged to finish.

Real Life Learning Environment

Each student enters the marketing course with unique experiences, learning styles, and success.

The approach that is most effective in the marketing class is dialogue between and among the students and professor which is derived from student attained knowledge.

Each student must feel secure in the pursuit of their own knowledge of marketing.

The professors vulnerability to criticism in a shared environment of learning and teaching is much greater.

The professor encourages the student to seek their own conclusions that may conflict with there own views.

When a student who finds supporting or alternative evidence in marketing they should be rewarded with praise and encouragement.

When the student disagrees and does not wish to find evidence the professor should restate their own position and allow the student to retain theirs. This leaves the door open for future change of thought for both the professor and student.

All students should identify specific knowledge from their particular interest in marketing that they bring to the group for discussion.

Real Life Learning: Lectures

At any point in the lecture the student may ask the professor for the specific relationship of what is being discussed to marketing. Professors see links that students are not aware and often do not clarify at that moment.

The professor may ask a student at anytime to look up a particular area of the lecture on the Internet and bring this immediately to the class. The learning environment has a real time component.

The professor should freely admit that they were unaware of something or had taken a different position. This gives students a model that professors are still willing to learn.

Students are also encouraged to discover on their own after class and bring this back to their fellow students in the next class.

Real Life Learning Student
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The student takes greater responsibility for their own learning of marketing course content and process.

The student learns to recognize and adjusts to structural uniformity and differences within and across marketing.

The student develops and understands what is necessary to work in a marketing environment of integration and or isolation.

The student has experience in the recognition, assessment, and foundations of marketing knowledge.

Sending Information of Particular Interest Around the Room

I start and ask students to take a look at what is coming around the room. If they are not interested just pass it on. If they want to borrow it ask me but do not spend all the class reading it.

Student Centered Evaluation

Student Evaluation of Professor

Students must learn to be more gentle in life. The current teacher evaluation system brings out the worst in the students, faculty, and administration. This is one of the first attempts to overcome and change student evaluations into a positive experience for both the teacher and the student. Few professors will ever improve from giving or receiving harsh criticism.

Course Evaluation of Course_______
Spring, summer, fall, winter, other _______

Student's Name_______
University of New Haven
Number of credit hours completed at UNH____toward graduation.

Please be fair and answer the questions in a constructive way.
If you do not understand or like a question change it or present your own question and then answer. If you prefer other selection choices change and add.

Answer for yourself. Add your name. I believe that it is better to be open and constructive.

This evaluation will be shared with the professor after the grades have been recorded. Circle your answers and write comments in the spaces provided. Use back of paper if you require more space.


Did you put in your best effort into the class?
(Yes) (I would like to have put in more effort) (Undecided)

Did the class bring out the best in you in respect to different cultures and belief systems?
(Yes) (I would like to do more) (Undecided)

Were you ready to participate when called upon?
(Yes) (I would like to have been ready more) (Undecided)

How many classes did you miss? Please circle the number of classes that you missed for any reason.
1 2 3 4 5 or more

Would you recommend the class to another student?
(Yes) (It depends on their major) (Undecided) (Other____)


Did the professor promote learning, in general, for you?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Did the professor encourage you to think for yourself?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Were you encouraged to learn from others?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Were there enough exchanges of ideas in the class for you?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Will what you learned in the class help you with your goals?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Will what you learned in the class help you in your present job?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Did the professor have enough teaching methods to bring out the best in you?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)


Do you have more interest in the subject at the end of the class than the beginning?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Was the class relevant to you?
(Yes) (I would like more) (Undecided)

Did the textbook bring out the best in you?
(Yes) (Different textbook) (No textbook) (Undecided)

Did the handouts, midterm exam or paper, final exam or paper bring out the best in you?
(Yes) (I would like a different form of evaluation) (Undecided)

What teaching method (s) would you encourage the professor to expand upon? Circle one or more (Guest speakers) (Videos) (Audio) (Case methods) (Groups) (Lectures) (Computer applications) (Internet) (Class trips) add to the list_______

Was the class size right for you? (I would like a bigger class) (I would like a smaller class) (Undecided)

Were the assignments clear and understandable to you?
(Yes) (I would like more explanation) (Undecided)

Were you evaluated fairly to this point in the course?
(Yes) (I would like to be evaluated differently) (Undecided)

Are you happy with the overall experience within the class?
(Yes) (I would like more experiences) (Undecided)


Was the time of day right for you?
(Yes) (Time is better for me?_______)

Were the days of the week right for you?
(Yes) (Time is better for me?_______)

Add any questions that you believe would be helpful to put on future evaluations._______

Please write anything that you believe would be positive and helpful._______

Textbooks: Real Life Learning

The continued dedication of marketing academics to the current textbooks as representative of marketing theory and practice defies any understanding of marketing. Textbooks are now produced and published by large international corporations. Their purpose in publishing has very little to do with my students gaining from the investment and effort. These firms have created a marketing commodity with no differentiation in content or design. To appeal to the broadest number of professors textbooks no longer require any challenges. To teach marketing is now all done for them. Reading levels have been lowered, more colored pictures added, and all examples now do not represent a balanced view of any action or non action that has application to the current marketing environment.

As professors we have given up our responsibly to teach our students to large for profit corporations. Their interests and motives come from a different philosophical position. Anyone who may find this statement to be without merit please get three textbooks in marketing and look at them for one hour. From a Real Life Learning point of view our actions and reliance on these textbooks no longer requires a professor to be educated or informed. If this type of learning tool is acceptable we will be replaced by mass marketed university education.

I often take class time to help students to understand and see the marketing strategies involved in the production and selection of the topics in their textbook. The organization and methods of understanding within a textbook are articulated. Many have never had the experience of identifying a textbook, television program, movie, or magazine articles as a product. I have written and published a small book for the American Marketing Association on "How to Read a Textbook."

I also give the student strategies to purchase their textbooks at reduced prices.
Many times. Student can read at their own speed or take it with them after class. If not interest just pass it along.

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Perhaps those who profess to know and to practice Real Life Learning in the classroom may be following a much different path?

I try not to judge anyone in particular who has followed another teaching method than my own. I believe that to resist or exclude alternative assumptions is dictatorial and is not a path to personal wisdom. I also believe that Real Life Learning has merit and should be more than a slogan in higher education. If it is only a slogan and we punish practitioners and student then what has marketing become?

I make every effort to help my students to succeed in marketing and as humans. If marketing is part of our life it is one of many tools to find wisdom. To emphasize training in the approach to any course in a university limits the humanity of everyone. I strive because of life experience, educational understanding, religious and philosophical beliefs, and years of trying to practice what I teach.

Our current president told my class that real life learning was just to help market the University. So any attempts by a professor are not valued. This is very common.

1996 - 2008

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"Stories and poetry postpone death." DM





How can a professor with a broad range of teaching marketing, publishing in marketing, traveling around the world to teach and consult in marketing, dialogued with thousands of marketing practitioner in my classes, and discussed marketing with professors, professionals, religious leaders from all faiths, and those with varying degrees of social accomplishment on my radio show since 1991 not identify the value of nonlinear Instructional Design and attempt to create this environment for their students?

How can a professor that believes that the most effective marketing practice and education is optimal when it is not recognized critics a student they claim to have learned nothing? When ever this occurs if given the historic chance to dialogue with any student that has no addenda will be moved toward enlightened.